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Do you dream of being your own boss?

Do you feel your job is missing purpose and only focused on profit?

Do you aspire to be an entrepreneur but lack the capital?

Are you afraid of taking the leap due to

inexperience or know-how?


Tamara is breaking down the barriers so more aspiring ethical entrepreneurs can take the leap.

Award-Winning Global Wellnesspreneur, 

Author, Philanthropist, Investor & Mentor

Tamara is an animal and nature lover, mother of 2 and globally recognised 8-figure entrepreneur driver by social impact. Tamara is a regular guest on TV including home shopping and as a spokesperson for female founders. Tamara speaks globally at events to empower women to take the leap into ethical entrepreneurship. After 25 years in business selling beauty and wellness products, her latest project, Beusail, is bridging the gap in female startups, whilst creating a model where business is a force for good.



✨ YPO Impacts Chapter (Founding Member)

✨ YPO  Mentoring Chair

✨ YPO Hollywood Member

✨ Entrepreneurs Masters Program Alumni

Soul Sisters,

Take The Leap

There has never been a better time to transition to entrepreneurship.

In fact, the world needs more female startups.


It’s time to unite, support each other and ignite the flame that’s inside all of us.

Become Your Own Boss Without The Barriers

Fear of failure, access to capital and lack of experience all hold women back from starting their own business.


Tamara has broken down the barriers so you can turn your dream into a reality without the obstacles.

The Feminine Divine

In Business

Climbing the corporate ladder, inflexible workplaces and inequity in pay are all not serving women. Tamara is reinventing the way we do business that serves our families, gives back to the community and doesn’t compromise the planet.

Do You Want To Be Mentored by  Tamara? 

Tamara puts her success down to two key factors: finding her Tribe and having a powerhouse Mentor.


If you aspire to be your own boss, join Tamara for a magical weekend to explore what’s possible when you couple her 8-figure mentorship with a group of

like-minded souls.


This weekend is ideal for:

  • Women looking to transition to entrepreneurship doing it ethically

  • Women tired of the 9 - 5 and looking for a flexible side hustle

  • Women who want more control over their future
  • Women looking for a mentoring & like-minded community
  • Women who are searching for more purpose in their life
  • Women who dream of starting their own business but fear they can't do it due to experience, money or confidence
  • Women who are heart centered, love to show up and serve others.

Get Your Free Copy Of  Tamara's Book 

​Searching for so-called balance?


Tamara’s book calls out ‘balance’ and presents a better way: it gives women permission to blend their work and personal lives together without getting burnt out.


Every chapter is supported by practical exercises readers can complete to identify their values, align their energies with what matters to them most, set expectations with key people in their lives and map out the life they actually want.


Learn how to ditch expectations, uphold your values and embrace a work-life blend.


“It's exceeded my expectations. I've loved Tamara's amazing creative inspiration and conceptual thinking that's really helped me moved ideas forward — even after owning the business for 14 years! I feel very humbled and grateful to be working with her."

Janine Hall

“The advice is so straight forward and smart. Just hearing how Tamara has implemented these in her own businesses is so interesting. I love that so many of them speak to profit and purpose — that speaks to my heart.

Bonnie Kuhl

“An outstanding wealth of experience … the technique has been wildly successful for people. There really is almost no value you can put on this. Beusail helped me create solid structural pathways a solid core to take this business to where I wanted it to go."

Toby Leon

“In one word, having Tamara Loehr as my mentor has been LIFE - CHANGING. In under 6 weeks, I'm already achieving over $30K per month. With her help, I have no doubt I'm going to be successful and reach my goal of $1M year very soon."

Isis Djata

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