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Own Your Growth
Impact the World

Forbes Top 11 Most Impactful Female Leaders and 8-figure entrepreneur Tamara Loehr will take you by the hand to adapt, strategize, and apply proven strategies to amplify your business' next biggest milestone. 

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Growth Advisor, Impact Investor & Business Mentor 

Named Forbes Top 11 Most Impactful Leaders and Top 150 Real Leaders 2024

Tamara is an award winning 8-figure Growth Advisor, recently named Forbes Top 11 Most Impactful Leaders. Tamara is an Investor, Mentor, Author and Speaker committed to driving impact by supporting others to grow their business and use it as a force for good. 


Specialties: Mentoring entrepreneurs to scale and exit businesses through growth strategies, net-positive business models, strategic relationships and digital transformation. Tamara is also adept at developing companies 'why', marketing campaigns, consulting to equity, and gamification of giving.


 ✨ YPO Impacts Chapter (Founding Member)

 ✨ YPO  Mentoring Chair

 ✨ YPO Hollywood Member

 ✨ Entrepreneurs Masters Program Alumni


How to build in-house marketing capability to drive growth and reduce your dependency on agencies

Tamara Loehr, growth advisor to $10M+ companies, provides actionable strategies on how to drive your growth, whilst addressing the ongoing labor shortages and rising wages. 


During this educational session, Tamara will reveal how to:

• Leverage global talent to increase profitability and drive lead gen at scale

• Own your growth by bringing your marketing, sales and customer service in-house

• Avoid offshore ‘fails’ by attracting the top 1% of global talent, and setting them up to win!

• Access refined and proven SOPs and growth systems that 10X productivity and profit.


Event Outcomes:

After 15+ years of utilising offshore talent to build and exit 8 and 9 figure companies, Tamara will openly share her proven growth strategies that drive predictable revenue, whilst increase your valuation in preparation for an exit.


Key takeaways:

• A step-by-step process to drive B2B lead gen and appointment setting at scale

• How to reduce your overhead expenses to free up cash to invest in growth

• How to build an in-house offshore team of A-team experts with 5-10 years experience

• What is the Entrepreneurial Growth System (EGS) and why its just as important as EOS.


Lastly, Tamara will outline the critical steps to follow to integrate global talent to set you up for success.


0:00 Harnessing AI and Offshoring

2:30 Driving growth in hard times

5:28 Addressing outsourcing concerns

7:45 Save on labor to reinvest in growth

9:46 3 key growth drivers you need to focus on

10:30 Sourcing A-team players only

17:46 Hybrid workforces are here to stay - leverage it!

19:23 Partnering with an ethical global resourcing company

23:46 Avoid offshoring ‘fails’ with proven SOPs

24:40 SOP Runthrough: B2B Outbound Lead Gen at scale

28:30 The importance of Organic Traffic

31:41 Best practices for offshore integration


Own your Growth:

Profit in a Decline

Companies who harness AI and technology, create flexible workforce option, and do more with less with their marketing spend are the companies who will win.


How to become a net-positive business

For profit and purpose companies are more attractive to stakeholders, investors and workforces.


Learn how to become an impact-driven company to tap into the rise of the conscious consumer.


Bridging the Gap in Female Entrepreneurship

Fear of failure, access to capital and lack of experience all hold women back from starting their own business. Tamara is an active mentor, having helped hundreds of women to grow their business to 7, 8 and 9 figures.


3-Minute Hacks


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