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Finding Your Seed of Potentiality w/ Tamara Loehr

Tamara Loehr is an award-winning 8-figure Growth Advisor, recently named Forbes Top 11 Most Impactful Leaders. Tamara is an Investor, Mentor, Author and Speaker committed to driving impact by supporting others to grow their business and use it as a force for good.

Finding Your Seed of Potentiality w/ Tamara LoehrBehind the Human
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About the Podcast

Marc Champagne is a best-selling author, podcast host, keynote speaker, and mental fitness strategist who helps corporate teams and individuals enhance their mental well-being. Leveraging insights gained from over 300 interviews and studying leading minds such as Kobe Bryant, Maya Angelou, Coco Chanel, and Stephen Hawking, Marc trains people to ask better quality questions so they can clear out mental clutter, release pent-up stress, expand their clarity, and rev up performance.

Marc’s keynote presentations, mental fitness bootcamps, company retreats, and interactive workshops provide attendees with customized techniques and practices that equip them to overcome overwhelm, defuse emotionally charged situations, and clear out their minds to operate with greater clarity, focus, and innovation. 


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