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A Chat with Tamara Loehr

A Chat with Tamara Loehr: Award-winning Entrepreneur; Mentor; Co-founder Beusail; about net-positive brands and 'business for good', mentorship, and making a collective positive impact

This week, Stephen Ibaraki has an exclusive interview with Tamara Loehr.

Tamara is a globally recognised and award-winning entrepreneur, including a Gold Stevie Award in New York for Fast Growth, Fast Starter Top 20 and 3rd place in Smart Company.

Tamara is a nature and animal lover, Australian, and mother of 2. Tamara started her first business, a branding and marketing agency, at the age of 19 years old after graduating from university with a Bachelor of Visual Arts. Tamara became an 8-figure self-funded entrepreneur in her 30s through creating and selling eco-luxe beauty and wellness products online, direct to consumer.

Her mandate of non-toxic, Vegan, Cruelty-free products that are sustainable has attracted a loyal following. All products have giving embedded as a cost of goods, generating impacts to United Nations Sustainability Goals.

As an advocate for net-positive brands and 'business for good', Tamara recently co-founded Beusail, a marketplace and community where conscious consumers use their purchasing power to make a collective positive impact. Beusail's mission of 'Buy 1, Support 1 and Give 1' supports female founded brands that are ethical and committed to giving back.

All brands in the marketplace are vetted to ensure they meet their strict mandate, which includes being 51% female founded. Conscious consumers shop with confidence knowing they are receiving eco-luxe products that are safe, sustainable and impactful.

Tamara's legacy is to contribute 10M Buy1Give1 impacts per annum. As a subscriber to the 'profit and purpose' philosophy, Tamara passionately believes business will change the world's problems, not government. She also acknowledges that this is no longer isolated to billionaire entrepreneurs but businesses of any size.

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About the Host

Global Chairman REDDS Capital, Microsoft 21 Global Awards (2018-2024 in AI), Investor/Venture Capitalist, Futurist, Founder & Chair Outreach UN ITU AI For Good, Author, 300+ recognitions


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