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Tamara Loehr - Ethical Entrepreneur and Creative Powerhouse from Australia

My first Australian podcast guest...

The ethical entrepreneur and creative powerhouse Tamara Loehr has spent her life making disruptive change for good by ‘doing the opposite’. Now she’s encouraging other women to leverage their personal power for global impact.

She is the Co-Founder of the House of Beusail brands which is a range of Beauty and Wellness brands that are 100% vegan, female founded, cruelty free, sustainable, indie, made in non-polluting countries and gives back and committed to zero waste.

She is also the author of the book "Balance is BS"! A handbook that will change the 42%+ of women who are now the breadwinners. We know “balance” doesn’t work. Tamara has figured out a solution after 20+ years as a global entrepreneur. A new way to approach your busy work and life.

How to ditch expectations, uphold your values and embrace a work-life blend.

Most Memorable Journey - Ethical entrepreneur and creative powerhouse from AustraliaMost Memorable Journey
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About the Podcast

This podcast is all about stories, past experiences, and anecdotes from my trips and adventures. Because of my work as a tour guide for 11 and a conference interpreter for 15 years after that, I was able to travel the world and meet so many amazing people on the way. I will be hosting some of them on this podcast and together with my guests, we will talk about our most memorable journeys.


Let me entertain you, remind you of a past holiday or activate your wanderlust. Let me remind you that life is beautiful and that at the end we will only regret the things we didn’t to and not the things we did. Life is too short to stay in the same place.

About me: I was born in Switzerland and have been living in Cyprus for almost 30 years. From a very young age and due to a challenging childhood, all I wanted

to do was leave home as soon as possible and discover the big wide world. That’s why, at 13, I started taking small jobs to pay for English and Spanish lessons to make my travel dreams come true! Today I not only speak 6 languages but have also been to over 100 countries and have created a life that I love.


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