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Women's Empowerment Through Entrepreneurship

–Good Life. Great Life. With Brian Highfield Episode 002 Tamara Loehr.


Tamara is an award-winning 8-figure entrepreneur who sells ethical beauty and wellness products online, direct to conscious consumer. Tamara believes in Business as a Force for Good and is on a mission to Inspire more businesses to make a positive impact and encourage more women to take the leap to ethical entrepreneurship. Tamara is an Australian mother of 2, co-founder of the YPO Impacts chapter, member of YPO Hollywood, YPO Mentoring Chair, past EO President and winner of a GOLD Stevie Award (Fast Starter), BRW Fast Growth and Smart Company.


Listen to this motivating Good Life. Great Life episode with Tamara Loehr about her focus on spreading positivity to entrepreneurs and businesses!


Here is what to expect on this week’s show:

- The importance of women becoming entrepreneurs and owning their own businesses, and how they can be motivated to better themselves!

- Tamara’s work/life balance, and how she looks at this by “blending” her home life and work life.

- The idea that women should be driven by purpose, not money.


About the Host

Brian Highfield is a successful entrepreneur, author and more who is helping share stories and inspiration to help everyone life the best life possible. 

You only have one life so get the most out of it. On Good Life Great Life, Brian Highfield and his guests share success stories, habits, mindsets, and lessons learned by successful people. These lessons are not taught in schools but are critical for getting ahead in life.


Whether you want a successful business or career, optimal health, or a lifestyle that most people just dream of, Good life Great life has you covered. After retiring from a successful corporate career as in his forties, Brian founded multimillion-dollar businesses in the sports and healthcare arenas.

Now, Brian helps everyday people maximize their lives and speaks regularly at seminars, podcasts, and radio shows to share principles on the topics of health, wealth and happiness. Don’t let a good life get in the way of a great life. Join Brian Highfield today, on Good Life, Great Life


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