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Creating a Community of a Female Led Startups

In this very interesting interview with host Frits Bussemaker, Tamara takes us through her journey of following her heart and making the right choices. She talks to us about Beusail, a very unique business venture with a deeply rooted meaning.

Beusail is actually an ancient Gallic word and it stands for ethical, moral and a good intent. What really resonated with me is that they really looked at things through a very simple filter. You are either showing up in a state of Busail or in a state of Bersuk. Which ironically one says ‘be you and sail’ and the other one says ‘be you and suck.’

After 25 years in the field of business, Tamara strongly believed that business can be used as a force for creating good in society. 

She shares how she is helping many women create an inclusive community of like-minded people and boosting their business through the same.


About the Host

A community builder and digital connector from The Netherlands, Frits is passionate about bringing Information Technology, Innovation, and Impact together in this digital age.


He advises and coaches organizations on community building, collaboration, and strategy all around the world.


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