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“It's exceeded my expectations. I've loved Tamara's amazing creative inspiration and conceptual thinking that's really helped me moved ideas forward — even after owning the business for 14 years! I feel very humbled and grateful to be working with her."

Janine Hall

“The advice is so straight forward and smart. Just hearing how Tamara has implemented these in her own businesses is so interesting. I love that so many of them speak to profit and purpose — that speaks to my heart.”

Bonnie Kuhl

“An outstanding wealth of experience … the technique has been wildly successful for people. There really is almost no value you can put on this. Beusail helped me create solid structural pathways a solid core to take this business to where I wanted it to go."

Toby Leon

“In one word, having Tamara Loehr as my mentor has been LIFE - CHANGING. In under 6 weeks, I'm already achieving over $30K per month. With her help, I have no doubt I'm going to be successful and reach my goal of $1M year very soon."

Isis Djata

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Real leaders, real results. 



Founder, Body Confidence Expert & Speaker

“To be mentored by Tamara in itself is a total blessing but the program has taken my business skills and marketing acumen to a whole new level, opening ways of thinking I never thought were possible.”

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