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Glass Ceiling - A Myth

Welcome to another episode of my podcast TechTalkWithVijaya - The Glass Ceiling, A Myth. In this episode, I converse with two extraordinary women - Sharon Preszler  and Tamara Loehr, who have broken into the male bastion and created a place for themselves at the top.


As I speak with them, I once again say this - The Glass Ceiling is a Myth. If you are a performer, you will emerge on the top, gender no bar!


Sharon Preszler  Former first woman F-16 Pilot, Southwest Airlines The first woman to fly the F-16 as Captain for Southwest Airlines and worked in an industry where not many women dared to go. Today, Sharon is a professional speaker who speaks about the importance of debriefing your life to live better and the value of inclusion to build your best team.


Tamara Loehr  Co-Founder at Beusail – believes and champions ethical beauty and wellness. Tamara is an award-winning entrepreneur who sells ethical beauty and wellness products online, directly to conscious consumers. Tamara believes in Business as a Force for Good and is on a mission to: 1. Inspire more businesses to make a positive impact 2. Encourage more women to take the leap to ethical entrepreneurship.


Listen in! Stay tuned for more on TechTalkWithVijaya!

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About the Podcast

Welcome to the podcast - TechTalkWithVijaya!

Technology and Innovation Series

This is a podcast that revolves around new-age technology, low cost innovations globally and the start-up community.


Vijaya Rao will invite leaders in these spaces and innovators who have been behind smart, intelligent and frugal innovations that have made a world of difference to the less-privileged sections of society and those who are working with these solutions to impact the environment.


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