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Social Responsibility of Business and Business Ethics

Tamara Loehr is a serial entrepreneur and award-winning businesswoman who has launched multiple ethical startups into global success, including Gutsii and Hot Tresses. She believes in mixing business with pleasure and empowering women everywhere to make an impact for the good of the world.


⭐Background in digital agency

⭐Sweat equity: No win, no fee

✔️Earning 30% to 50% of the company

⭐How she structures equity deals

⭐80% of her revenue was coming from 20% of her clients.

✔️Why she fired 80% of her clients that were only contributing 20% of revenue

⭐She would take the equity up front and if she cannot deliver the results, she would return the equity.

⭐What are Cow businesses and Pig businesses?

✔️Making dividends vs a business with an exit.

⭐Shareholder of a $45 million VC fund

⭐Businesses she invests in are lean and scalable.

⭐Are you a general partner or a limited partner in your VC?

⭐YPO: Young Presidents’ Organisation

✔️You have to earn USD$20 million before you are 40 to qualify

✔️Less than 10% are females

✔️Tamara is the Founding member of a brand new chapter

⭐What are the opportunities she does

⭐Tell me more about the deals that you do

✔️8 equity deals that she has done so far.

✔️1 was a quick exit

✔️1 was great in australia but didn’t do well in America

✔️1 is still around now. And she bought out her partner so she owns 100%.

✔️1 was with YPO. Fairly new.

✔️Latest ones are Beusail Agency and Beusail Marketplace.

⭐How did she exit her companies?

⭐She doesn’t do any earnouts anymore.

⭐Knowing which bus stop you are on and when you want to get out.

⭐Start with the exit in mind. Look for the strategic partners and tell them, you are the ideal partner that I want to exit to.

⭐There’s a huge opportunity with baby boomers.

✔️Reverse pitching Find out the airline with the worst customer service, worst customer loyalty etc. Propose to them, if you can help them improve their business based on the KPI set, will they pay you.

✔️The best businesses are not for sale

✔️Sniff factor: If you pitch too many times and too many people say no, everyone will be thinking “What’s wrong with this business?”

⭐What kind of PE ratio do you normally exit at?

✔️She normally goes for 8X and aims for a 15X exit.

⭐Be very clear on what you want, what’s your mandate?

✔️E.g. Vegan, Cruelty free, started by females,

⭐Business is a game.

⭐Businesses that are socially responsible


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