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Forbes Top 11 Most Impactful Female Leaders and 8-figure entrepreneur Tamara Loehr will take you by the hand to adapt, strategize, and apply proven strategies to amplify your business' next biggest milestone. 




Growth Advisor, Impact Investor & Business Mentor 

Named Forbes Top 11 Most Impactful Leaders 2022

Tamara is an award winning 8-figure Growth Advisor, recently named Forbes Top 11 Most Impactful Leaders. Tamara is an Investor, Mentor, Author and Speaker committed to driving impact by supporting others to grow their business and use it as a force for good. 


Specialties: Mentoring entrepreneurs to scale and exit businesses through growth strategies, net-positive business models, strategic relationships and digital transformation. Tamara is also adept at developing companies 'why', marketing campaigns, consulting to equity, and gamification of giving.


 ✨ YPO Impacts Chapter (Founding Member)

 ✨ YPO  Mentoring Chair

 ✨ YPO Hollywood Member

 ✨ Entrepreneurs Masters Program Alumni


How to build in-house marketing capability to drive growth and reduce your dependency on agencies

Business is pivoting to online. Online marketing is critical. Recruiting talent is brutal. Despite this, there are some businesses killing it online.


When you take a look 'under the hood', those winning all have three things in common:
• A clear and detailed strategy
• In-house online marketing resources
• An obsession for online metrics.


The moral of the story? If you want your business to win online, you need to master it for yourself.


With the rise in CPA, decline in ROAS, lack of ROI from agencies and difficulty recruiting in marketing, the need to build in-house capability that drives outcomes is vital. If this is not your wheelhouse, how do you make this transition?


During this event, you will learn:
• What are the fundamentals of online marketing and how do you manage and drive outcomes
• How to reduce your dependency on agencies by creating an online strategy that can be effectively implemented in-house
• How to set your in-house marketing director up to win with the support, direction and accountability.


This event is suitable for founders and CEOs who want to drive online brand awareness, lead gen and sales without the dependency on agencies. Relevant for both services or product-based companies.


Own your Growth:

Profit in a Decline

Companies who harness AI and technology, create flexible workforce option, and do more with less with their marketing spend are the companies who will win.


How to become a net-positive business

For profit and purpose companies are more attractive to stakeholders, investors and workforces.


Learn how to become an impact-driven company to tap into the rise of the conscious consumer.


Bridging the Gap in Female Entrepreneurship

Fear of failure, access to capital and lack of experience all hold women back from starting their own business. Tamara is an active mentor, having helped hundreds of women to grow their business to 7, 8 and 9 figures.



Balance is B.S. - Stop making compromises. Balance is near impossible to achieve as a breadwinning women. Blending is the solution!



“It's exceeded my expectations. I've loved Tamara's amazing creative inspiration and conceptual thinking that's really helped me moved ideas forward — even after owning the business for 14 years! I feel very humbled and grateful to be working with her."

Janine Hall

“An outstanding wealth of experience … the technique has been wildly successful for people. There really is almost no value you can put on this. Beusail helped me create solid structural pathways a solid core to take this business to where I wanted it to go."

Toby Leon

“The advice is so straight forward and smart. Just hearing how Tamara has implemented these in her own businesses is so interesting. I love that so many of them speak to profit and purpose — that speaks to my heart.”

Bonnie Kuhl

“In one word, having Tamara Loehr as my mentor has been LIFE - CHANGING. In under 6 weeks, I'm already achieving over $30K per month. With her help, I have no doubt I'm going to be successful and reach my goal of $1M year very soon."

Isis Djata


Catch Tamara Loehr's public speaking events and learn to leverage your business. 

Build In-house Marketing Capability Utilizing AI & Offshoring - Toronto

Build In-house Marketing Capability Utilizing AI & Offshoring - Dallas

Build In-house Marketing Capability Utilizing AI & Offshoring - Montreal

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