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Helping business leaders unlock and amplify growth.

Create massive success and trailblaze a new path.  Book a Mastermind Call with multi-figure mentor and award-winning entrepreneur, Tamara Loehr. 

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Her first-ever business, a digital marketing agency, Mitara Empresa, quickly skyrocketed into the top 2% of marketing agencies in Australia. 

In 2015, she joined Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) and quickly found her tribe. With her  innate leadership qualities, she became chapter president within just three years of joining.

Through EO, she discovered the 'sweat equity' business model and launched her wellness venture starting from under $1M in annual turnover to over $10M in less than two years, all without any initial capital—an impressive achievement for a first-time entrepreneur.

Tamara's instinct for choosing brands that elevate the industry led her to invest in Gutsii, a gut health functional snack food company, and Hot Tresses, a premium vegan haircare brand.

Hot Tresses expanded into the U.S. market, and within a year of its launch, the products were stocked in prestigious retailers like Nordstrom and Hudson Bay, while also gaining exposure on QVC's Beauty IQ.

In 2018, Tamara was accepted to the Young Presidents Organization (YPO), joining a community of over 25,000 global members, each averaging a business turnover of approximately $45M.

Tamara is recognized as Forbes's Top 11 Most Impactful Leaders 2022, and featured in Real Leaders magazine in 2023 shortly after being in the Top 300 Real Leaders 2023 list, alongside Tesla. 


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